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Audit $295 +
Procedure & Document Review

Have any documents needing updates?

Office Employees
  • Any Emergency Procedures

  • Plans: Mitigation, Preparation, Response, Recovery

  • Continuity, Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

  • Workplace Security, lockdown

  • Disaster & Crisis Communication Plans

  • Hazard Assessments

  • Evacuation, drills

  • Anything else you might have to

      IDENTIFY & MANAGE disruptions

Reduce business Risk, increase 

sustainability - it's that simple.

Business Consulting

Meet the Project Manager- Jonathan

During his career, Jonathan realized one thing—companies are drowning in business risk without even knowing so.  All it takes is one hiccup—one mistake to drive their business into serious disruption or bankruptcy.

After 15+ years in high-risk and safety-sensitive careers, Jonathan formally re-educated in Disaster & Emergency Management at NAIT. He graduated at the top of his class and ranked among the top 75 students in all of NAIT campus.

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