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Preparedness Mindset Training

Preparedness starts with Leadership

Preparedness Mindset

The first step to any level of Risk-Management for a client is to begin Mindset training with the leaders, and owner if possible.

The best Safety, Continuity, or Disaster Plan can fail if the Mindset from the top-down of the company isn't on track.

Common Mindsets which need to be changed are:

LOW Risk-Perception

HIGH Risk-Acceptance

This will be replaced with a Preparedness Mindset.

Preparedness Mindset Training Workshop

Currently, this training is offered through Workshops and then Coaching.


  1. Complimentary Webinar; see if this is something you are interested in

  2. Brief Hazard Assessment

  3. Workshop

  4. On-site visit 

  5. Optional next step: 20+ hours continued training

5 hours total


Virtual & in-person options

Training Program

As a continuation of the Workshop, add the option to receive an additional 25+ hours of Preparedness Training.

  • This extended training program will be customized per the client's business risk need

  • Apply for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant to receive a 67% Training subsidy

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