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You Don't Want To Miss This!

Every Friday at 12 PM MST

Join this FREE webinar and in just 15 minutes, we will show you how COR/SECOR can help you make more money and grow your business.

  • Get up to 20% reductions in WCB premiums

  • Increase your revenue opportunities through bigger contracts

  • Lower turnover due to stress, injury, or disability

  • Decreases your commercial insurance premiums

Your Webinar Host: Jonathan Bradley, DEM

During his career, Jonathan Bradley realized one thing—companies are drowning in business risk without even knowing so. All it takes is one hiccup—one mistake to drive their business into disruption or bankruptcy.


After past careers in high-risk and safety-sensitive jobs, Jonathan formally re-educated in Disaster & Emergency Management at NAIT. He graduated top of his class, and ranked among the top 75 students at all of NAIT!


Thanks to an intuitive understanding of what it takes to get home safely, Jonathan offers workplace safety awareness at a holistic level through his company. From injury to cancer risks that mount as retirement age approaches, discovering and bridging gaps in safety processes is what drives Dynamic Resilience Management forwards in creating profitable and robust safety plans for businesses of all sizes.

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Dynamic Resilience Management is helping businesses like yours excel at safety and growth through comprehensive safety and certificate acquisition services.

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