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Reduce your risk, increase your revenue - it's that simple.

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Our Vision:

Comprehensive Risk-Management

When teams have the training to work safely and quickly, miracles happen. Safety, Disaster Management, and Business Continuity form the backbone of how we empower businesses to perform their best, whether on-site or on the books.

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All Dynamic Resilience Management services pass through a "quality control" step before they are delivered to our clients. This internal review ensures consistent, traceable, and actionable work that adheres and excels within Alberta guidelines.

Our team is composed of educated specialists who bring decades of experience in the safety and risk management space. Ethics, transparency, and honesty are our primary values—getting your staff to the next level without losing sight of your business goals.

Where other teams only provide safety training, we will get to know your business and explore cost-saving opportunities, knowledge gaps, and implementation opportunities that make running your business easier, simpler, and above all, more profitable.

Business Consulting

About the Founder


During his career, Jonathan realized one thing—companies are drowning in business risk without even knowing so. All it takes is one hiccup—one mistake to drive their business into disruption or bankruptcy.

After past careers in high-risk and safety-sensitive jobs, Jonathan formally re-educated in Disaster & Emergency Management at NAIT. He graduated at the top of his class, and ranked among the top 75 students in all of NAIT.

Thanks to an intuitive understanding of what it takes to get home safely, Jonathan offers workplace safety awareness at a holistic level through his company. From immediate injury to cancer risks that mount as retirement age approaches, discovering and bridging the gaps in safety process is what drives DRM forward in creating profitable and robust safety plans for businesses of all sizes.

Risk management starts with your team.

Book a FREE Discovery Session to give them the right tools for worksite decisions.

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