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Disaster & Emergency Management

What is this?

Safety Compliance

Disaster & Emergency Management planning enables our clients to Plan BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER a negative-event in their business.  Planning is a process.  Through meticulous and calculated business hazard assessments, our Planning is given incredible potency.  We use a risk-based all hazards approach.  This is all things: MITIGATION, PREPARATION, RESPONSE, and RECOVERY.

Disaster Management


The constant threats of business disruptions never ends.  Existing or Potential, Internal or External.  Risk is always pressing on your business, what are you doing to push back?

Relying on Commercial Insurance is not enough.  Insurance needs to be treated as a last resort.  Insurance is vital to partial Recovery, and must not be neglected. We cover 30+ areas of business risk; we rate their severity, and then with you Plan accordingly.


Business Continuity

Disaster & Emergency Management begins with a current business Hazard Identification & Risk-Assessment (HIRA).  We take a risk-based all hazards approach.  A minimum of 30+ business Risks are identified and assessed at this stage.

Mitigation, Preparation, Response, and Recovery Planning cannot take place without this vital step.  Never accept/use a Plan that has not had a HIRA done first.

Forest Fire

#2 Planning

Hazard Assessments

Once the business Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) is complete, then we will create full cycle Plans, based on the HIRA results.

Mitigation:  Risk-based planning done BEFORE a potential negative business event.  This is where many risk-management concepts are researched, and decided if they are going to be implemented.

Preparation:  Implementation steps based on previous mitigation planning BEFORE a negative business event.  Perfect Mitigation Plans have no value without the follow through of implementing/installing them into the business.  This is also where training & exercises lives; if you don't test your Plan, you will never be prepared. How do you know if it works? Test it!

Response:  Specific Plans made for specific hazards. What do you do once a hazard manifests and turns into a disaster/crisis/disruption etc.? This is is also tested in the previous Preparation stage.

Recovery:  This step is also planned in advance, and this is where commercial insurance coverage is taken into consideration.  Recovery Planning gives the business an opportunity to BUILD BACK BETTER.

Business discussion session

#3 Testing & Maintenance  


Now is the time to start putting the HIRA and Plan into action.

Testing the Plan is very important, this makes sure everything works as designed.  This can be done in a variety of ways, such as drills and table top exercises etc.

Interested in learning how to build your own Disaster & Emergency Management Plan?

 21-hour Training options available. 

Don’t let business disruptions get the best of your operations—we will provide you with the resources, training, and planning you need when disruption strikes. Keep your people safe and your business operational.

Safety Reinforcement
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