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Business Continuity

What is Continuity?

Safety Compliance

Business Continuity allows critical business functions to continue operating through serious disruptions.  Continuity is not a quick fix, or ever finished. Through calculated assessments & planning, this shields the business in ways previously never thought possible.  We use a 12-step planning approach.

Business Continuity Planning & the need for IT

In order to have a complete and effective Business Continuity Plan, you must also have current and professional-grade IT support.  Important IT areas in a Business Continuity Plan are: Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, and network maintenance.  If you are in need of professional IT help with your Continuity solutions, ask us to provide a referral.

Disaster Management
Meeting Room Business


The threat of business disruption never ends.  Existing or Potential, Internal or External.  Business Risks are always pressing on your business, what are you doing to push back?

Relying on Commercial Insurance is not enough.  Insurance needs to be treated as a last resort.  Insurance is vital to partial Recovery, and must not be neglected.


Business Continuity

Business Continuity first requires a current business Hazard Identification & Risk-Assessment (HIRA).  This is done to properly inform the next step, which is the Business Impact Analysis (BIA). This is a Risk diagnostic step for the business.

A Business Continuity Plan that does not have a HIRA and then BIA done before planning is not accurate.  Continuity Plans authored incorrectly are a business risk in themselves, and are providing a false sense of security and assurance.



Hazard Assessments

Business Continuity ensures that your business keeps operating through disruption.  But how much does it cost to get ahead of disruptions? Our Business Impact Analysis (BIA) shows how much operations disruptions cost, and the cost of mitigation/prevention.  $1 invested in continuity saves $6 or more in disruption costs.

Business Meeting



Now is the time to start putting the HIRA and BIA into action with formalized Planning.  We use a 12-step planning approach.

Testing is needed to measure the effectiveness of continuity planning.  This makes sure everything works as planned.

Want to learn how to build your own Business Continuity Plan?

Made to fit training options available.

Safety Reinforcement

Don’t let business disruptions get the best of your operations—we will provide you with the resources, training, and planning you need when disruption strikes.

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