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Safety Compliance

Safety Compliance

TIP: Never accept a plan that is not based on a HIRA—working with an expert, like us at DRM, and using quality risk management resources means your business stays on track while you focus on growth.

Whether it’s establishing the base of your safety program or upgrading your certification for lucrative contracts, we are equipped with the tools and training necessary to grow your business.

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Disaster & Emergency Management


Disaster Management focuses on preventing business revenue loss—an event that can strike at any time and close your business permanently.

Did you know that 80% of businesses fail within one month of unplanned closure? Our packages include actionable services for hazard planning: mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery. Our pro-active approach covers you and your business before, during, and after the negative event.

First, we need to conduct a business-level Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA).  This will identify all hazards, letting us begin risk-oriented planning. We finalize with a deployment strategy that gets your key players up to speed.

Disaster Management

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Over $1,000/hr in lost profit and a 90% chance of permanent closure. This is the reality Albertan business owners face when they do not complete the necessary steps to constructing a robust Business Continuity plan. So how can you get ahead and stay profitable?

Business Continuity ensures that your business keeps operating through disruption. To do so, two initial documents are critical—a HIRA and a Business Impact Analysis (BIA).  How much can operations disruptions cost? this is where you find out!

Comprehensive Alberta business continuity planning requires not only these documents, but a holistic understanding of business risk. Our services (covering everything from mitigation to recovery) ensure nothing is overlooked so you stay profitable during unprecedented situations.


Business Continuity isn’t exclusive to big companies—contact us for our one of a kind small business offerings.


Occupational Safety Hazard Assessments

Hazard Assessments


Identify hazards with any job task and assign a calculated risk rating, and appropriate hazard controls to reduce the risk or, if possible, eliminate it entirely.


Identify hazards that risk staff and operations. This assessment confirms either a safe or unsafe work environment and assigns risk ratings to key safety deficiencies.

Personal hazard assessment, elimination, and control reports are vital to understanding and navigating the risks unique to your workforce. Likewise, assessments work hand in hand with existing Alberta WHMIS training to ensure your labeling, storage, and usage practices are compliant with current health and safety regulations.


Together with Alberta disaster management services, these hazard assessments work to build a safer business, better continuity, and greater job satisfaction—reducing your costs for training, turnover, and recruiting. Not to mention time lost for injury, sickness, or stress.

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Safety Reinforcement & Training Top-Up


Safety programs, disaster management, and business continuity plans are your risk-management foundation. Without the proper employee and leadership training, however, your business may still suffer.

Whether your plan has recently updated or employees could benefit from a refresher, DRM is here to help with refresher courses, specialized training, or updates to address evolving workplace safety gaps.

Don’t let emergencies get the best of your team—we will provide you with the resources, training, and certifications you need when disaster strikes. Keep your people safe and your business operational.

Safety Reinforcement
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