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2022 Business Preparedness Tips For Owners

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

You follow ever-changing COVID-19 procedures, commercial insurance has been updated, WCB is still active, the yearly fire safety check passes, and you have a monitored security system.

You feel good that you can withstand all Business Disruptions......... Right?

5 easy to spot Business Preparedness Indicators.

  1. All workers have completed their yearly WHMIS refresher course. This identifies workplace chemical hazards, and how to properly control them through our training.

  2. Personal Hazard Assessments have been completed for all workers; this includes working from home. Hazard Assessments identify hazards with job tasks, rates their uncontrolled risk, and gives hazard controls to reduce the risk severity.

  3. The business has planned for potential hazards. These are business hazards which have not happened yet, but can in the future. The worst case scenario.

  4. There are multiple contingency plans for these potential hazards. Without plans in place beforehand, the owner can lose the business to potential hazards.

  5. A Safety Professional has done ALL your Safety work. Anyone else doing the work, has a high chance of it not being done correctly.

If you have answered NO to any of these 5 indicators, your business might be operating in more risk than you realize. Most small to medium-sized business owners do not put any barriers between business hazards and their own company. It is important you speak with a risk-management professional immediately.

Contact us or 587-336-8747

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