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Every Business Needs WHMIS

Almost everyone has heard of WHMIS or has taken it at least once in their life. The catch is, WHMIS is not only needed when working with toxic chemicals in industrial environments, chemical labs, refineries, etc. It is required in regular office/home space as well.

Household cleaning products come with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and require regulation with a WHMIS program in a workplace. Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code states that all existing and potential hazards MUST be documented and controlled.

5 WHMIS Tips

  1. WHMIS Certification is required every 3 years, or it expires.

  2. WHMIS Refresher course annually.

  3. Do you have an SDS binder for controlled products?

  4. Has a Safety Professional done on-site WHMIS training for specific controlled products? This is most important for businesses that work with anything stronger than hand soap.

  5. If WHMIS has been implemented in your workplace, you will know it. If you are questioning yourself if WHMIS has been done, your program needs improvement.

We can start with WHMIS Certification through a video, and finish with on-site Training & Implementation. Or as the best choice, do everything on-site with one of our Safety Professionals who are certified WHMIS Trainers.

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