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Wildfires & Smoke

Updated: Apr 24

Wildfire season is officially here! What does that mean for us? Most associate this with Fire bans, Evacuations, Alerts, Warnings, and uncomfortable hazy & smoky air. Collectively these situations amount to disruptions in people’s ability to safely enjoy Spring and Summer. Easily the most disregarded hazard from wildfires is smoke.

Thankfully, Wildfire Smoke is being globally researched more every year, identifying many of the negative short and long-term health effects. Besides the air just smelling bad, reducing visibility, giving respiratory irritation, and burning eyes; it substantially reduces respiratory health and capacity to resist other airborne hazards such as COVID-19.

How do you Prepare yourself & business for Wildfire Smoke?

  1. If you own a vehicle – Install a new high efficiency cabin air filter.

  2. If you have a furnace – Do some research and identify the highest MERV Rating your furnace can safely handle. The higher the MERV rating, the better it will be at filtering smoke.

  3. Purchase a stand-alone HEPA or HEPA-like air purifier, that is rated for the desired room square foot size.

  4. Buy a few rolls of suitable tape and plastic sheets. This is to cover things like bathroom vents, cracks in doors/windows etc.

  5. Develop a basic procedure and checklist to utilize all the Preparation gear.

Now you have the basics of creating your very own Wildfire Smoke Shelter for home & vehicle.


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